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Products & Services

Southern Mulch products are available in red, black, brown and natural blends of cypress, pine and hardwood. We use an upswing rotor in our machines which produce a stringier product that helps keep the mulch from floating away during heavy rainstorms once it's placed in a landscape setting.
Bagged Mulch

Our pre packaged mulch is distributed in a 2 cubic foot bag. These bags are sold in our 3 colors as well as our natural blend.

Shipping and Handling

Southern Mulch has eight loading bays which accommodate van trailers, flatbed trailers and walking floor trailers, allowing us to load 30-50 trucks per day. We offer delivery within 150 miles of Port Allen, Louisiana, and use outside carriers for regional and national deliveries. We can fill trailers for a customer based need.

At Southern Mulch, our goal is to utilize every part of the tree to ensure minimal waste, and the maximum potential of our raw materials. This includes grinding pulp wood or grinding wood scraps from our pallet operation.

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